Amazing Facts & Trivia (11th Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
June 15, 2021

Amazing Facts Trivia 11th Edition
Image Courtesy Of The Oak Leaf

Here are some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA to impress your friends

  1. Rapper Eminem is one of the top scorers of the video arcade game, Donkey Kong.
  2. In the 1800s, Thailand’s infamous Khuk Khi Kai prison was known for chickens dropping their poop on prisoners as a form of torture & punishment. Eww!
  3. After the Civil War, Canada refused to return any American draft dodgers.
  4. To provoke European settlers in a stockade, Pocahontas did naked cartwheels. It’s true!
  5. On the TV game show, Jeopardy, you can’t wager the amounts of $69, $14, or $88.
  6. Actor Samuel L. Jackson was expelled from college once for locking the board members in a room for two days.
  7. It would take appx. 500 humans to repopulate the Earth after a mass extinction event.
  8. Crocodiles can survive up to three years without eating.
  9. Master French chef, Julia Child, helped develop shark repellant for WW2 soldiers.
  10. Actor Paul Newman died of lung cancer, even though he quit smoking 30 years before.
  11. With more than 200 appearances in films, Dracula is the reigning king in movies.
  12. It’s illegal to NOT vote in Australia! You’re fined if you don’t vote? $20!

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