Amazing Facts & Trivia 15th Edition

By Chris Carnicelli
December 20, 2021

Amazing Facts Trivia 15th Edition
Image Courtesy Of Vocal Media

Here are some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA to impress your friends and dazzle your enemies!!

  1. McDonald’s buys about 2 million eggs per year for their restaurant chains.
  2. Propane gas is odorless, so a smell is added so you can detect the odor!
  3. Film producer Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon series) invented the Ultimate Frisbee game.
  4. The creator of the FBI was the grandson’s brother of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
  5. The population of Monowi, Nebraska is one. Yes, one single person. Elsie Idler, 84.
  6. Bats can swim and are really good at it, too!
  7. The word “robot” is a Czechoslovakian word meaning, “forced laborer”
  8. Scientists have proven that even the same bird species will have different ‘accents’.
  9. Some fake movie beards are made of (oh, gross!) yak pubic hair!
  10. In 1918, Philadelphia threw a war-effort parade, attracting over 200K people. Unfortunately, a lot of them caught the Spanish Flu and died.
  11. There is a one in 64 billion chance your fingerprint will match someone else.
  12. Elephant trunks are so sensitive they can detect water up to twelve miles away!

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