Amazing Facts & Trivia (18th Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
April 12, 2022

Amazing Facts & Trivia (18th Edition)
Image Courtesy Of Qijin Xu On Unsplash

Here are some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA to impress your friends!!

  1. Who’s the wealthiest animal? Blacky the cat in England; worth $9.2 million from a will!
  2. Who invented the potato chip? It was African-American George Crum in 1853 in New York.
  3. In Ireland, blasphemy is considered a crime and you can get fined up to $25,000 Euros.
  4. Drinking straws were used as early as 3000 BC, according to ancient wall hieroglyphs.
  5. Lady Gaga’s hit songs, “Born This Way” & “Just Dance” were written in just 10 minutes.
  6. Ketchup was originally advertised as a medicine as far back as 1834.
  7. Elvis Presley was a natural blonde; he dyed his hair black to give him a cooler look. It worked!
  8. Tigers are vengeful creatures, having known to actually hold a grudge against humans.
  9. Sleaze talk show host, Jerry Springer, was once the Mayor of Cincinnati back in 1977.
  10. In 1917 NYC, all horse-drawn carriages were eliminated in favor of autos, because cars were “cleaner” than horse-poop everywhere.
  11. What’s the hottest world record? Death Valley in 1913, with a scorching 134 degrees! Yikes!
  12. Famous prison, Alcatraz Island, was also noted for serving delicious food to its inmates.

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