Amazing Facts & Trivia (Eighth Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
November 17, 2020


Here Are Some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA to Impress Your Friends and Dazzle Your Enemies!

  1. It would take about one million mosquitoes to drain a human’s blood.
  2. The only members of the cat family that can roar are lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars.
  3. The Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado is more than twice the size of the island of Manhattan.
  4. Contraceptive pills for female humans also work on female gorillas.
  5. The Haskell Free Library & Opera House is located directly on the Canada/USA border. It has two entrances – one for each country!
  6. Those pretty Monarch butterflies? They’re cannibals when they run out of food.
  7. Practically every Muppet on Sesame Street or the Muppet Show is a left-handed puppet.
  8. The word “Pennsylvania” on the world famous Liberty Bell is misspelled! It’s missing an “N.”
  9. Who’s Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch? He’s the guy on the Cap’n Crunch box!
  10. After his death, rapper Tupac Shakur’s ashes were rolled into a joint and smoked by his friends. Eeewww!
  11. According to Forbes, the richest fictional character is Scrooge McDuck (worth $65 billion).
  12. On the Northwest tower of the Washington National Cathedral is a stone gargoyle head of… Darth Vader!

…and now you’re a little bit smarter!

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