Here Are Some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA (Second Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
May 6, 2020

Fun Facts 2

To impress your friends and dazzle your enemies!!


  1. Princess Leia’s ‘cinnamon bun’ hairstyle was inspired by 18th Century women of the Mexican Revolution.
  2. Kingsford charcoal briquettes were originally invented by car maker Henry Ford.
  3. Who produces the most waste in the world? Believe it or not, it’s Canada! The U.S. is #3.
  4. North Korea has its own basketball team but plays with an entirely different points system.
  5. A bank in Northern Italy accepts large wheels of parmesan cheese as collateral.
  6. Until 1984, buildings in Philadelphia could not exceed the tallest building in the city…the one with the statue of William Penn on it.
  7. Got a school loan debt? Then you gotta love billionaire William F. Smith who, in 2019, paid off 400 student debts from Morehouse College….and their parents’ loans as well!
  8. The average body temperature (98.6) have been going down to a new normal of 97.4.
  9. Back in 2016, Disney came this close to buying Twitter. Thankfully, it didn’t!!
  10. What’s the most expensive MLB hot dog sold? The Washington Nationals at $7 a dog!
  11. Who-done-it author Agatha Christie is the most translated writer in the world, followed by William Shakespeare, and Jules Verne at #3.
  12. Queen Elizabeth eats a slice of chocolate biscuit cake every single day, even when traveling.

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