Amazing Facts & Trivia (Tenth Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
April 14, 2021

Amazing Facts Trivia Tenth Edition
Image Courtesy Of The YouTube Channel Thoughty2

Here are some AMAZING FACTS & TRIVIA to impress your friends and dazzle your enemies!!

  1. Many buildings in China have large holes in them to let ancient dragons fly through.
  2. The official patent for toilet paper shows the paper going over the spool, not under!
  3. The phrase “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” was coined by Listerine mouthwash.
  4. In case somebody asks you, Canada uses the “poop” emoji more than anyone else.
  5. Jack Ryan, who created the Barbie doll, also created military-grade missiles.
  6. In Detroit, you can pay $1500 to “Extreme Kidnapping” to have yourself kidnapped.
  7. Heidelberg, Germany in 1993 were using real human corpses as their crash-test dummies.
  8. Tasmania celebrates two Easters: Easter Sunday and Easter Tuesday.
  9. What’s the most expensive guitar pick? Try $4,674. It’s made out of a meteor.
  10. You can visit Territorio Del Zaguates in Costa Rica, an entire no-kill territory of nothing but dogs you can visit for free!
  11. In the 1960 and 70’s professional bowlers made more than NFL players.
  12. Female named storms have killed more people than male named storms

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