Artificial Intelligence And Cryptocurrencies Are A Deadly Combination

By U Cast Studios
November 28, 2022

Artificial Intelligence And Cryptocurrencies Are A Deadly Combination
Image Courtesy Of California Business Journal

Combining these two technologies could potentially lead to world-changing discoveries that will change our world as we know it.

The rise of crypto-computing means more data needs will be processed in real time without a central authority in charge.

This article was written by Rick Weinberg and originally published by California Business Journal.

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For example, a global financial institution may develop new products in countries such as China and India to improve its customer base.

A multinational technology company may be near cutting-edge AI scientists and thinkers working at the forefront of this space. But what happens when tech giants collaborate with artificial intelligence (AI) experts? Combining these two technologies could potentially lead to world-changing discoveries that will change our world as we know it.

For example, recent reports have revealed that AI and blockchain technology could combine to create a new breed of cryptocurrency that companies could use to power an entirely decentralized supercomputer.

It’s also likely that this development would lead to greater decentralization across the tech world, potentially pulling down profits for large tech firms like Amazon and Alphabet (Google).

Powering AI and Blockchain together:

Behind the apparent jargon and tech speak that is often used to describe these technologies, there are many opportunities for organizations and businesses to work together.

For example, the potential of using artificial intelligence (AI) on blockchain technology to create smart contracts has been a popular subject over the past year.

For example, bringing together an AI scientist with a software engineer who understands cryptography could evade both parties from working individually on the same idea at different times. Both technologies will also allow for faster problem-solving and greater organizational efficiency.

The potential of combining AI with blockchain technology includes smart contracts and the possibility of creating decentralized supercomputers that require artificial intelligence to interpret and analyze every aspect of the data.

Access to this supercomputer type will allow blockchain technology partners and organizations to create new types of decentralized apps and develop advanced forms of machine learning that may have been impossible in the past.

What’s Next?

Blockchain and AI have both demonstrated their ability to advance technology and business at a rapid pace. But combining them may be an even more significant opportunity than these technologies could present individually.

The crypto-computing age will inevitably push blockchain technology to the forefront of the global economy, with AI making it more powerful, efficient, and valuable for everyone involved.

Components of AI, such as machine learning, are already being used by companies all over the world to help solve everyday problems across many different industries. There is no doubt that machine learning will significantly influence how blockchain technology is implemented in the future.

In the end, organizations need to come together to maximize their impact on the world and ensure that they continue to advance not only technology and business efficiency but also social consciousness and a better quality of life for everyone around them.

Working together towards a common goal is likely the only way these organizations can play a leading role in this future space as both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence continue their respective rises.

AI, Technology, And Blockchain Compound

Organizations have already used smart contracts to allow for greater efficiency in transactions. But AI technology can be just as powerful. One example of how the two technologies can work together is the distribution of power and resources in the technology world. The emerging cryptocurrency technologies come from a different place than traditional businesses.

The combination of AI and blockchain is often referred to as “decentralized computing” due to its ability to eliminate human oversight over algorithms and data. It would enable an organization or group of people with a shared goal or goal-setter to operate without control but simultaneously utilize it for their benefit.

For example, imagine a group of software engineers in India working on developing an algorithm that could help predict future climate change and natural disasters.

Another example would be AI technology being used to focus the efforts of a blockchain-based development team on solving a significant problem that the masses may have otherwise overlooked.

What if an also made it so supercomputers could predict when someone would be ill, allowing people and organizations to gain greater control over their health?

In the past, AI was just a machine learning tool to help companies learn more about their customers.

But combining this technology with blockchain makes it possible for organizations to decentralize in ways we have never imagined.

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