Austin Janik To Perform In Simi Valley On April 6th

By John Tolson
March 28, 2023

Austin Janik To Perform In Simi Valley On April 6th
Image Courtesy Of Austin Janik

I have a “HISTORY” that includes magic and professional magicians. I owned a magic store for 18 years. After closing my store, my youngest son Quinn was yearning for more magic in his life. So I formed the Simi Valley Magic Club, where both Professionals and hobbyists could perform and learn. One of the youngest members was Austin Janik, who would show up with his older brother and Father. He worked HARD to get better! It has truly paid off! He is now a performing Magic Castle performer.

He will be performing NEXT MONTH here in his hometown of Simi Valley! Normally, to see him perform at the Magic Castle here is what you have to do:

Pay for parking

Get a “Pass” from a Castle member

Pay an cover charge to get into the Magic Castle

Buy Dinner

Truth: The atmosphere of the Magic Castle is MUCH BETTER. Once in, you get multiple performances.

Having said that- I would STRONGLY encourage you to go onto this link and purchase tickets for the April 6th show! Some see a “local boy do good!” Here is the link to purchase tickets:

HERE IS MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE: if you purchase tickets. Come. Don’t find the show entertaining or the magic VERY GOOD, I will give you the money back for your tickets! Cash, Venmo, however you want.

I will be there. I will be a FUN night! Go purchase tickets SOONER THAN LATER. Go have dinner prior to the show! Thank  you for your time! Be good!

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