Business Spotlight: Presto Pasta… A Place To Find Family

By John Tolson
December 1, 2020

Business Spotlight Presto Pasta… A Place To Find Family 1

Presto Pasta – it’s a family business. Nick, one son, owns the franchise in Newbury Park. Meghan, one of the daughters, manages the Camarillo store. Two brothers, Jeff and Ken Schuberg, are the owners of the six Presto Pasta stores in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Specifically, you will find them in: Ventura, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Granada Hills, and Valencia.

It might appear to be a restaurant “chain,” however, there is a family feel to each one. Each establishment follows the same processes, policy, and procedures which gives the continuity of quality and taste that makes them very successful and allows patrons to enjoy the taste they know and love.

Presto Pasta started under the guidance of the founder, Albert Baltieri, who owned fine dining restaurants in the Santa Barbara area. Baltieri wanted to bring the quality recipes of his grandmother to a broader segment of the population.

If you are looking for suggestions, my wife’s favorite dishes include the Zoodles, (a great gluten-free, low carb option that consists of hand spiralized fresh zucchini). Also popular are the Parmigiana (Shrimp, Chicken, or Eggplant) as well as their tasty sandwiches and delicious pizza. Presto Pasta has something for everyone.

If you need even more reasons to love Presto Pasta, check this out! Each location is dedicated to being highly involved in their respective communities. There is a local fundraiser being held at one of the locations most every week. When government restrictions are not in place, the ambiance of each interior is very inviting. Where allowed, outdoor dining is currently available, as well as take out and usage of delivery services. Catering also can make a family or business event a treat, and convenient. The Camarillo location also has a drive-thru.

Looking to try something different than a burger or taco? Stop by Presto Pasta and say “hi” to one of the family! It’s an Italian tradition!

Visit their website for more information.


John Tolson is the Marketing & Membership Director for the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce. Look for more insights each month on this now regular portion of the U Cast News. Have a recommendation of a business to have John review, please email John at his email address: [email protected].

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