Congresswoman Julia Brownley And Congressman Salud Carbajal Present $12 Million To The County Of Ventura For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

By U Cast Studios
February 1, 2024

Congresswoman Julia Brownley And Congressman Salud Carbajal Present $12 Million To The County Of Ventura For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Image Courtesy Of Ventura County

Thousand Oaks, Calif. – On Friday, January 26, Congresswoman Julia Brownley and Congressman Salud Carbajal presented a check for $12 million to advance equitable mobility and energy resiliency in Ventura County. The funds, which were awarded as part of a grant opportunity through the Department of Transportation, will go to support the “Powering Progress” project. A $15 million initiative, the project implements the Ventura County Regional EV Blueprint and supports the larger sustainability goals set forward by the state of California to achieve 100 percent zero emission vehicle sales.

This article was originally published by The County Of Ventura.

“The receipt of these funds is monumental for Ventura County and will go far toward the expansion of sustainable energy infrastructure in the county,” stated Supervisor Kelly Long, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “The County of Ventura is grateful to have been selected by the Department of Transportation to receive this grant and for the opportunity to create a significant investment in green energy. We’re delighted to have the support from Congresswoman Brownley and Congressman Carbajal which helped secure this funding.”

The funding for the “Powering Progress” initiative will create several unique investments in sustainability that will serve as a model for EV infrastructure in the state. The grant will provide funds to invest in E-bike integration to support multi-modal opportunities for those who rely on bikes as their primary mode of transportation. As well, the funds will allow for the creation and expansion of workforce development programs to train workers in the installation, maintenance, and operation of the expanding EV charging infrastructure.

The “Powering Progress” project addresses the need for resiliency in the local EV infrastructure by proposing the creation of off-grid EV charging combined with large-scale and small-scale solar battery storage. This element of the project supports both the residents of Ventura County and first responders by enabling a reliable power supply during emergency outages as well as Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.

“The promise of greener, healthier communities holds great weight in the work that I do in Congress. Alongside advocating for environmental sustainability efforts and taking action to address the climate crisis with the urgency this existential issue demands, I am working to ensure that Ventura County residents have safe and reliable modes of transportation and transit to travel to and from their destinations,” said Congresswoman Julia Brownley. “That is why I am proud to have joined the County of Ventura and its community partners in securing funding for this transformational project. Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and more specifically this grant funding for EV charging infrastructure, the County of Ventura will make critical investments so that residents, businesses, and visitors to the region are able to utilize a cleaner, safer, and more accessible transportation network, while creating jobs and strengthening our economy.”

The “Powering Progress” projects will be administered by the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance– a regional energy office overseen by the County of Ventura. The grant represents the largest sustainability funding award received by VCREA.

“When Rep. Brownley and I were helping to move the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law forward through our roles on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, we understood that our goals of expanding use of zero-emission vehicles and cutting carbon pollution were only possible if we also approve investments in public charging infrastructure,” said Congressman Salud Carbajal. “I’m proud to see mine and Rep. Brownley’s work helping to write and pass that landmark law now delivering our community such a robust return on that investment. I look forward to seeing this grant helping to create new charging availability across Ventura County.”

For 20 years, VCREA has been developing and implementing durable, sustainable energy initiatives that support sensible growth, healthy environment and economy, enhanced quality of life, and greater self-reliance for the region. By increasing energy efficiency and advancing the use of clean, efficient and renewable local resources, VCREA is making sure Ventura County and its residents are sustainable well into the future.

For more information about the County of Ventura’s sustainability initiatives and green energy projects, visit:

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