Dear Mean Girl

By Doc Lovelace
April 19, 2022

Doc Lovelace

Dear Doc Lovelace,

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up a year and a half ago, and since then, he started dating this trampy chick who lives out in Moorpark. She’s a real trailer trash piece of crap. She doesn’t work full-time, she still lives at home, she hasn’t finished taking classes at Moorpark (even though she started taking classes there like 8 years ago), and all of her posts online are so trashy. Just drinking and partying. So, the other day, I was talking to my mom, and she told me that I haven’t let him “go” and that I should move on. Sometimes my mom can be so off and so nosy. How can I get my mom to see that this girl is trailer trash and side with me and that I’m not hung up on him?



Dear Mean Girl,

Okay, right off the bat, your mom is right! Ask yourself this question “why am I trolling this girl?” She may be “trashy” in your opinion but at least she has a life and a boyfriend. You in the meantime, a year and a half later, are tracking your ex’s girlfriend’s posts and being unkind about what you see.

If you don’t want your mom to be nosy, grow up and stop telling her your business. But, since you’re telling her everything already, try to shut up and listen to her wisdom (be respectful).

Instead of wasting time name-calling, concentrate on improving yourself! Be nice! You are what you think, so think good thoughts. All this time you are busy being nasty to a person who probably doesn’t even know you exist is ridiculous and dangerous!

When you are mean to others, you are saying to the universe “I am unhappy,” and the universe will respond in kind. Cause and effect, Karma is real. Improve your behavior NOW!

Go have fun! Make new friends! Go outside, get some fresh air, and put a smile on your face. Everything will start to look brighter.


Very Truly,

Doc Lovelace

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