Dear Ms. Cheap & Easy

By Doc Lovelace
August 1, 2023

Doc Lovelace

Dear Ms. Cheap & Easy,

What exactly does that mean? “Not girlfriend material” it’s a pretty simple true statement.

What guy wants a “girlfriend” that just hangs out at his place and hooks up? What? Not even dinner.

Cheap and easy… not something you wanna bring home and introduce to mom (with all the possible sexually transmitted diseases, ewwww). My guess is this guy will shortly move on and you will have the opportunity to not be girlfriend material many times- lucky for you that you like having fun. Continue being “loosey-goosy” and you will for sure not have to worry about being weighed down by a guy with the slightest bit of class.

But alas it’s not too late. These guys have done you a great favor by telling you the truth and a peek into your future if things don’t change.

Decide if you want to be an unpaid sex toy or a girlfriend… or at least girlfriend material.

If you want the latter, easy… clean up your act. Stop sleeping around. Get a hobby, join a club, and meet people that like to have fun. Demand respect! Button up your blouse. Go on dates, not to their place. Try museums, theater, hiking, fine dining, picnics, and the beach. Have fun, laugh a lot, mind your manners. The good guys will surface. Voila!!! Girlfriend material! Maybe a wedding in your future!

Good luck making the right choices,

Yours truly,

Doc Lovelace

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