Dear Self-absorbed

By Doc Lovelace
May 19, 2021

Doc Lovelace

Dear Doc Lovelace,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years, and about a year after we got together, I suggested that we try having an open relationship. For a while, he didn’t do anything with another girl, meanwhile, I met some very nice guys and I even introduced one or two of them to my boyfriend. My guy didn’t seem to mind meeting these other men either and I kind of liked them being friendly with each other. Then last year when the pandemic started, I decided that I would open up an Only Fans account for myself to make a little extra money. When I told my boyfriend that I had created an Only Fans for myself, he was surprisingly upset. I don’t see the big deal about it and I think that he’s being unreasonable. He knows that I love him, and it’s not like I’m doing terrible things in the content that I produce. Anyways, after I started the account, I noticed that he was more actively trying to meet women – even though we’re living through a pandemic. I’ve never met any of the women that he’s talked to, and when I press him on her/them, he says that it was my idea to be in an open relationship and doesn’t go into a lot of detail. I told him that I think that we should just be exclusive and that we should stop seeing other people, and to my credit, I haven’t seen anyone else during this pandemic because I have immune issues and I don’t want to get the virus.

How do I end the open relationship with my boyfriend? How can I make him see that he’s in the wrong about my account and the content that I produce?




Dear Self-absorbed,

Wake up!!! You can’t make him understand that he is in the wrong, because he ISN’T!  If your brother was dating a loosey-goosey like you, you’d tell him to run!

Here’s you: “I want an open relationship,” “I want to bring my boy toys home,” “I want you to see other people.”

“I changed my mind,” “I want to have a real relationship now,” “I want to have an Only Fans account…” “I want you to like it.”

I, I, I, blah, blah, blah. What do you want next??

My recommendation is for you to do all the things you want, just don’t do it with a decent guy with morals and values.

Find a guy that has no self-respect, that doesn’t care about his future – a guy that cares less about his family, reputation, honor, or love.

You need a guy that will be just like you! You know, classless. The one you have now isn’t.

In fact, it looks like he has most likely found someone else. Ahhh, a wake-up call? Too late!

Funny, you want him to think it’s ok for you to be an exhibitionist?? But he can’t see anybody else? Are you joking?

I mean, anybody can have somebody who will do everybody. But who wants it? Next time try exhibiting some dignity, some self-worth. Button up your blouse, scrub your face, read a book!

My only hope is that he finds true love somewhere else and that you straighten up your act before you catch something.

It’s not too late to do the right things. You can be proud of yourself and be happy. I speak the truth.


Good Luck,

Doc Lovelace

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