Fans Think Simpsons Predicted Titanic Sub Disappearance

By U Cast Studios
June 22, 2023

Fans Think Simpsons Predicted Titanic Sub Disappearance

In another astonishing display of foresight, “The Simpsons” has once again predicted an event in the future, this time disappearance of the Titanic sub, NY Post reported.

This article was written by Brendan Taylor and originally published by Insider Paper.

‘The Simpsons’ fans say show predicted Titanic sub disappearance 17 years ago

Throughout its history, the animated TV series has seemingly foretold peculiar occurrences that later materialized in reality, such as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2024 and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

This time, it appears that the show may have anticipated the vanishing of the OceanGate submersible, which was actively exploring the remains of the Titanic.

Originally broadcasted in 2006, the 10th episode of Season 17, titled “Homer’s Paternity Coot,” portrays Homer Simpson’s long-lost father, Mason Fairbanks, delivering a rather eerie speech before embarking on an underwater journey with his son.

“Today I am filled with joy. Searching for treasure with my long-lost son. My dream for each of you is that you find the happiness I feel today,” Fairbanks said.

Following their exploration, the pair stumbles upon the remnants of an immense ship, overflowing with valuable treasures. Simpson, eager to share the discovery, contacts his companions via radio, but in an unfortunate turn of events, he unintentionally gets the submersible lodged in a section of the barrier reef.

As panic sets in, Simpson frantically tries to free himself, only to be confronted with the alarming sight of the sub’s “low oxygen” indicator flashing, eventually leading him into a coma. Fortunately, the story concludes on a positive note as Simpson regains consciousness three days later, finding solace in the presence of his loving family.

Resurfaced clip causes waves of shock and awe on social media

The clip that has recently emerged has been generating a flurry of astonishment and excitement on Twitter.

“Count on The Simpson to always predict some s – – t,” said one social media user.

“Before I do anything dangerous ima make sure ‘The Simpsons’ haven’t made an episode of it yet cos how the f – – k did they predict the #Titanic Submarine incident,” tweeted a second person.

The OceanGate Expeditions‘ compact submersible, equipped with a limited oxygen supply lasting approximately four days, allegedly disappeared during its journey on Sunday, approximately one hour and 45 minutes into the expedition.

Since then, rescue teams have been tirelessly engaged in their efforts to locate and save the five individuals aboard the vessel. However, as of Thursday, it has been disclosed that the submersible has depleted its emergency oxygen reserves and the sub operator believes passengers have ‘sadly been lost’.

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