Five Proven Ways To Get Links For A Small Business Website

By U Cast Studios
November 16, 2021

Five Proven Ways To Get Links For A Small Business Website
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Do you know why you need others to link to your site? Or it goes as with learning a foreign language: you understand when others speak, but cannot formulate anything by yourself?

This article was written by Marie Barnes and originally published by Ideas Plus Business.

Never mind: enlightenment is already at your door.

Just answer one question: do you want to rank high in search results without having to spend big money? You won’t believe it, but even small business websites can overtake online giants if they choose … the correct link building strategy, that’s right.

So, take your time and enjoy the five selected backlink strategies recognized by everyone who cares about their business.


But I have a blog!

But I write guest posts (once a month)!

And in the end, I am a small business owner, not an SEO master!

We will not refute anything, oddly enough. Each of these statements is true. Having your own blog and writing guest posts is correct in terms of a gradual increase in organic traffic.

Unless, of course, your articles are well-optimized and bring value to the reader. And you do not have to be an SEO guru to continue reading our article without panic and sedatives.

Your work with the blog and guest posting should continue anyway. The latter can be improved and systematized with the help of third-party tools to distribute your content on the platforms you need in a simple, fast, and efficient way.

After setting up this process, you can easily take on other strategies for obtaining links.


Also known as infographics, similar images are a great and highly underrated link acquisition tactic. They easily increase the number of website visitors by more than 10 percent and attract readers more than textual content without graphics.

If you succeed in creating infographics, it will be snapped up like hot cakes among other companies in your niche. After that, consider everything is in the bag: when they use your image, they link to you. Bingo.

High-quality infographics with useful, relevant information in tune with your business act like a magnet.

If your team lacks a designer, and you are not too strong even on the most user-friendly online tools, this is not a reason to get depressed. In the end, you can order this image from third-party agencies. A one-time investment will more than pay off.


There are many news agencies, and even more, news feeds that can be a great field for promoting your business. You can either “infiltrate” into the intended event or create the event by yourself. Don’t cry out before you are hurt: everything is not as complicated as you thought.

The best way to become a news hero is to do a good deed, no matter how trite it sounds.

Sponsoring events, for example, is an excellent occasion to make yourself known in a local publication and, of course, get a backlink that will have a lot of coverage. In this way, you will put your best foot forward.


To dispel suspicion of moving towards increasing the complexity of strategies, let’s look at the simplest one. Often, it slips the attention of not only small businesses but also big guys.

If you are mentioned but not linked – consider it as your goal. Head on to Google Alerts to get comprehensive information about those who managed to say something about you but did not bother to leave a link.

All you need to do is to contact the administrators or editors of the found website with a request to correct this utter injustice. They will definitely listen to you.

However, make sure that it isn’t a negative mention. In this case, the question moves from the link building category to the research “why this happened” one.


No one says that Quora and Reddit are waiting for you with open arms. But the temptation to get a mention on the website with monthly traffic of more than 300 million users is very high.

The strategy is quite simple: find questions relevant to your niche and give a brief and useful answer. Add a link to your blog post, where the subject under discussion is disclosed in more detail. The better your answer, the more users will follow your link.

In addition to the backlink, you get the opportunity to prove your expertise and authority in your field. The most important thing is not to turn the answer into intrusive advertising.

Remember the main rule: provide value to readers, give a solution to their problem, and they will appreciate it.


Our concluding chord will be a fairly advanced technique. But implemented as needed, it is incredibly effective.

The bottom line is to find a popular topic among your competitors, research their backlink-rich content, and create the content of better quality.

Take your time to give this method up as hopeless. The fact that your competitor is rolling in backlinks does not mean that the content mentioned is untouchable and divine. In fact, the content of your competitors may be very mediocre, outdated, or incomplete. And it’s your finest hour to prove it.

Arm the content intended to dethrone the previous ruler with high-quality images, relevant statistics, and unexpected facts. Then, you simply contact those who referred to the old article and make them an offer that is hard to resist.

It really works and bears fruit because:

  • the topic is already promoted and has an extensive audience that is most likely to read a fresh update;
  • editors will meet the proposal to link to more relevant and useful content, as their reputation also depends on it;
  • having received the backlinks of an article that was highly rated by the search engine, you will quickly and painlessly soar to the top of search results.


SEO is a dynamic topic that is easy to get confused about. However, using our tips, the small business website will soon shine in new splendor in the top positions.

Do not sit around and wait for the quarantine to be over: take the first step towards your target audience, and it will reply in the same vein.

I hope you liked this article, if you would like to know more about some of the most essential tips for a small business website, check out Pixpa’s detailed article on how to create a small business website.

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