Growing Your Side Gig Business. Do You Know Your ABCs?

By U Cast Studios
September 4, 2020

Woman Working from Home

Do you want your side gig business to grow? Let’s start with the basics: the ABCs.

A is for ‘Attitude.’

A successful business is about attitude. Does this statement make sense? I vote YES. Let’s look at a sports analogy. John Wooden gained iconic fame leading UCLA basketball to win 620 games in 27 seasons, plus 10 NCAA titles. His attitude on success is applicable today: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Planning and having a positive “look ahead” attitude, will help your side gig Business grow. If you are revamping your business, this attitude will help you formulate a new plan. In today’s environment, I love the idea of side gig businesses. Entrepreneurs can learn and adapt as they grow. It all starts with attitude.

B is for ‘Because.’

Each business needs to answer the “because” question daily. What need does your business meet? Equally important, a new business is about you. What are your aptitudes? What do you like? I asked Nelly Klein, a local entrepreneur, and owner of The Perfect Bite Cake Balls why she started her business: “I started my business because I like being my own boss. I make a product that people love, and that makes me happy.” Because Nelly had a strong “Because,” her business grew from day one. She met two criteria: Meeting a need, and doing a business she loved.

C is for ‘Communication.’

Excellent communication develops trust. This involves a consistent look, and message. Business owners need to consistently use multiple channels to communicate with the community, prospects, and customers. Today, most marketers recommend using a blend of social media, text, email, and snail-mail to keep in touch. All channels of communication need the same look and tone. Smart branding makes customers feel comfortable working with you. If you focus on the basics, your side gig might turn into a substantial business. Why not?

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