How Can Email Address Validity Be Verified Without Sending An Email?

By U Cast Studios
July 15, 2021

How Can Email Address Validity Be Verified Without Sending An Email?
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Nobody Likes Trial And Error In Email Verification

Businesses involved in sales of any stripe will likely have situations where they need to verify email addresses. If you’re not in the practice of doing this, you could seriously waste some time. It usually happens like this: you send an email, but you get some “Mailer Daemon” message saying message X couldn’t be delivered to address Y.

This article was written by Jike Eric and originally published by Insider Paper.

What do you do? Well, you check and double-check the email, then send it again. The same “undeliverable” message is generated by a software bot. So you try to make sure you didn’t make some other mistake. Maybe you wrote down [email protected], but it’s really supposed to be [email protected]. That’s a common mistake.

However, after you try all the address endings you can, it turns out the lead either gave you a fake or erroneous email, and now you’ve got no other way of contacting them, and you’ve merely wasted your time. What a pain that is, and ultimately, how unproductive for your company.

As the saying goes, time is money—and this is especially true as regards businesses. Accordingly, you need a better way of vetting email addresses, especially if you’re dealing with lots of addresses. The more you manage, the more likely it is they’ll quit working over time.

The Balance Between Time And Money

Think about it: do you still check on every single email address you’ve ever made? If you’ve been “internet literate” since 2000, then it’s possible you’ve had a dozen or more email addresses from the time you first initiated one, until today. You’ve probably got old addresses with so many messages, the account has been frozen as inactive.

If that’s the case with you, how much more so is it the case with potential customers! And if they have to do something like enter in an email address to get access to a white paper, or some free coupon, you can bet they may try and “game” the system using an old email address that is no longer active.

Securing Email Verification Solutions

What makes sense is using software options designed specifically to help determine whether a given digital address is active or not. There are actually services for bulk email list verification available, and these can save a lot of time and trouble. They cut out the “trial and error” approach, and keep you from needlessly trying different variations on an address.

Also, going with options like this save you the embarrassment of sending out a message just to check whether an address works, incidentally appearing less professional to a prospective customer.

Something else to consider here are the collateral benefits of solid email verification protocols. When you can assure that your messages are getting to the inboxes of the proper recipients, there’s a higher chance they’re being seen. Consider this link.

It’s also considerable that the longer a bulk email list is left to itself, the more addresses on that list will quit working. This is for the reasons outlined earlier; people will just let email addresses atrophy. But additionally, sometimes people don’t attain enough storage, and inboxes become more full than servers allow. Accordingly, messages don’t get through.

Expanding Profit Through Proper Lead Management

It is worthwhile to use email verification software for bulk lists at intervals not just to assure that your messages are being read, but to prune your list of dead ends. Doing so may reveal the size of your list isn’t nearly so great as it would appear on paper. If you’ve got a bulk list 10,000 strong with 3,000 dead addresses, that’s a significant difference.

When you validate emails, you’ll see higher rates of Return On Investment (ROI) based on outreach; and that almost immediately. Making one conversion out of 10,000 recipients is a lot less impressive than making one conversion out of 7,000 recipients. Also, this helps you more effectively calibrate outreach energies toward attaining new actionable leads.

Lead management can be complex, but doing so properly is one of the most important ways of assuring a steady stream of income from new clientele. Collaterally, lead management also includes converted customers who may be ripe in their cycle with your business for an up-sell. In closing, always keep bulk email lists up to date; verification software makes this easy.

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