How Innovative Spaces Is Transforming Recreational Vehicles Into Architectural Marvels

By U Cast Studios
June 20, 2023

How Innovative Spaces Is Transforming Recreational Vehicles Into Architectural Marvels
Image Courtesy Of California Business Journal

Since the pandemic, there has been a major shift in people choosing the nomadic lifestyle allowing them to live life on the road without a permanent home address. According to “Legal Zoom,” over one million Americans are living on the road in RVs or tiny homes. With this boom among homeowners, Ventura, Calif.-based custom mobile space design-builder, Innovative Spaces, is making this possible for consumers by transforming RV Vehicles into architectural marvels.

This article was written by Bia Pendelton and originally published by California Business Journal.

The nomadic lifestyle trend has been spurred by a multitude of reasons, whether it was from the pandemic, rise of housing prices or wanting to become a digital nomad, this trend is leading people to reassess their priorities and seeking new ways of living. From Airstreams to tiny homes, Innovative Spaces is at the forefront of the mobile home movement transforming recreational vehicles into architectural marvels through their industry-leading standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Locals and out-of-towners can bring their home-on-wheels to Owner, Head Builder & Designer, Nate Stover, and his team to make their nomadic design vision into a reality to not only allow them to live out their dreams but also transform their vintage trailers and vans into timeless pieces of art. This California-based company provides seamless and complete services from the design and pre-construction phase all the way to the buildout and execution of every detail. Innovative Spaces has seen several reasons why their clientele is making this shift from the desire for freedom to being environmentally conscious.

Customers can feel at ease with the Innovative Spaces team as they bring them along throughout the entire process with open communication, ensuring that they meet their needs on time and within budget. The company’s scope of mobile space builds has no limits, as no customers or recreational vehicles are the same. Whether building from the ground up or remodeling a space, Stover expressed, “At Innovative Spaces, we work closely with every client to first understand them, so we are able to guide them in the direction of the perfect build based on their needs.” He later stated, “We want to identify the size of the trailer, what key elements are a priority for how they will use their trailer, and what style best represents their taste and aesthetic. No two clients are the same, what is important to one isn’t necessarily important to another. When we design a trailer for full-time or part-time road warriors, we start by discovering how they are going to use it on a day-by-day basis, so they are able to fully enjoy living on the road. We combine our industry-leading standards with old-world craftsmanship and take pride in what we produce to make sure our builds exceed expectations.”

The Innovative Spaces’ build and design portfolio shows a glimpse of the unique features the company offers its clientele as all vehicle types are welcomed. The company offers a range of customizable spaces catering to the needs of every modern nomad.

Innovative Spaces is deeply rooted in the ongoing rise of the nomadic lifestyle and each renovation that is brought to the Ventura yard and specializes in making the most of out every small space by reimagining it with beauty and functionality. It is evident that this trend is not just a passing fad, but an impactful cultural shift that has redefined a place to call home. In addition to the company’s focus in tiny homes, high-quality and luxury features, they also recently launched a sister company offering event trailer rentals called, Hey Lanai, which provides full-service bar rental units that can elevate your next event whether that’s a wedding or marketing activation. To learn more about Innovative Spaces and to become a part of the rise of the nomadic lifestyle, please visit their website or email them at [email protected].

One client expressed, “Nate and his team have done excellent work building custom Airstreams for Ahold Delhaize companies. We’ve made three trailers with them and it’s because of their work ethic, their friendliness, their build quality and their attention to detail. Our trailers have traveled thousands of miles across the East Coast, delighting customers in each city they visit!”

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