How To Survive The Holidays And Still Like Yourself

By Kitty Dill
November 22, 2021

How To Survive The Holidays And Still Like Yourself?
Image Courtesy Of Mel Poole On Unsplash

Tips to stay positive 

At first flush, it all sounds so fun.  Special friends.  Family.  Food.  At the holidays.  What’s not to like.

Much — unless you can plot and plan like a “normal” person and not get so compulsive obsessive you drive everyone else around you, and yourself, into an unintentional frenzy.

Secret: You CAN accomplish what you’d like, and still find pleasure and fun. Honest.

I know it’s possible for several reasons. I have high expectations. I look forward to the holidays, especially primed by a family where three and four generations came together from different parts of the region, and years of “tradition” were incorporated consciously, and unconsciously, into the foods brought and served.

One year, when a very active person overcooked the minced-meat pie, I can remember a stupid serious comment that “Thanksgiving is not complete without a minced-meat pie.” Honestly.

I recognize that a positive opinion of myself does not depend on fear (will everyone like what I cook and serve?  Wear?). Just who am I trying to impress? In a healthy way, no one except myself.

Frequently I hear younger folks commenting about what is important to them. Causes me to ponder what a similar-aged youth calls “The Tik Tok Generation” and how values vary. How we want to live our lives daily. Where we want to be in one year, five years, 10 years, and beyond. And, how do we get there, and with whom?

Thinking about a recent national TV program I saw, it asked “Why the increase in Anger in America?: Less empathy, more narcissism.” I can see that.

This much I do know. Define YOUR core values. Surround yourself with a core group that share similar ideas. Find legal settings, be it public or private groups with others you can meet and mingle and grow.

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Valentine’s Day.


  1. Do you over plan?   
  2. Who, if anyone, was your role model for how to succeed? 
  3. What are your top three priorities each day? 
  4. Do you allocate 5-to 10-minutes daily to get outside, rain or not, to “smell the roses?” 
  5. What is your plan to ‘discharge worries’ before bed time?

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