Secret, Illegal Chinese-Owned Biolab Found Stocking Pathogens Labeled ‘HIV’, ‘Ebola’ In California – Report

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November 16, 2023

Secret, Illegal Chinese Owned Biolab Found Stocking Pathogens Labeled ‘HIV’, ‘Ebola’ In California – Report
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A House committee report released on Wednesday reveals that a secret biolab in California, owned by a Chinese entity, contained numerous vials of biological substances, some labeled “HIV,” along with a freezer marked “Ebola.” Initially, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FBI declined to investigate the facility, the NY Post reported.

This article was written by Brendan Taylor and originally published by Insider Paper.

Illegal Chinese owned biolab with ‘HIV’ ‘Ebola’ pathogens exposed in Reedley, California

In Reedley, California, a secret and illegal lab operating in a supposedly vacant warehouse was uncovered in December 2022. The revelation happened when Jesalyn Harper, a vigilant code enforcement officer, noticed a green garden hose protruding from a hole in the warehouse.

Upon entering, Harper found lab equipment, manufacturing devices, medical-grade freezers, lab mice, and vials labeled in Mandarin, English, and an undeciphered code. Additionally, she encountered individuals in lab coats who identified themselves as Chinese nationals. The discovery raised concerns about public safety.

Harper’s discovery triggered a nine-month investigation by the city, leading to the involvement of Rep. Jim Costa after the FBI and CDC overlooked the case. The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party conducted its own investigation, culminating in a 42-page report outlining the startling findings of the purported Chinese-owned research lab. The committee initiated its investigation in September.

Local officials face roadblocks in seeking federal aid for alleged biolab threat

Local officials spent months repeatedly trying to obtain assistance from the CDC, the report states, adding that “the CDC refused to speak with them.” And it was reported by local officials that the CDC hung up on them mid-conversation, WION News reported.

Officials were similarly unable to get any help from other federal agencies, as per congressional investigators, which included the FBI. The local officials were informed by the FBI that “it had closed its investigation because the Bureau believed that there were no weapons of mass destruction on the property.”

With Costa’s assistance, CDC officials eventually accessed the Greeley biolab and pinpointed almost 20 potentially infectious agents, many associated with “serious or lethal human diseases.” Notable agents included SARS-CoV-2, Chlamydia, HIV, E. coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Hepatitis B and C, Dengue virus, the Rubella virus, and Malaria.

Surprisingly, the CDC chose not to test samples or inspect unlabeled vials, despite the city officials’ decision to cover the testing costs.

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