Soak Up Spring!

By Maxie Rixon
May 4, 2023

Soak Up Spring!
Image Courtesy Of Unsplash

With the rain subsiding and the sun making a itself known, the spring season is in full swing! Now, in southern California, with our year-round gorgeous weather, sometimes it does not feel like marking spring is a momentous occasion. But this year, consider making spring distinct and special.

Spring is a season of transformation and a time for new beginnings. We see flowers come to life and bloom in vibrant colors. We hear birds singing their cheerful melodies. We feel more energy as the days start to warm and lengthen. So in the spirit of celebrating this season of new beginnings, below are five simple ways you can enjoy this spring – even if you just have a few minutes!

1. Feel the warmth of the sun

The days are simply gorgeous in the spring! If one day you can take your lunch break outside, or take a lap around your building, or maybe even go visit a park – do it! While you’re out, take note of the warm sun on your face and breathe in some fresh air. A bit of sunshine, spring air, and a big smile will do wonders for the soul! Plus, you’ll likely walk away with some vitamin D and its mood boosting benefits.

2. Stop and smell the roses

Okay, okay. This may feel a bit cliche, but think for a moment, when was the last time you literally and physically stopped and smelled the roses? Try it! The next time you are passing any flowers – maybe a little bush, maybe at the grocery store – take a moment and breathe them in! Inhale. Look at their beauty. See how unique yet uniform each pedal is. Check out the colors and textures. Exhale… Aaaah. Spring is wonderful!

3. Listen to your favorite music

Music improves mood and cognitive function, and reduces anxiety and depression. So in the name of happiness and new beginnings, pull out those songs that really make you feel good! You know, the toe-tappers that turn into arm-swingers, and hip-shakers – the songs you really love! Feel free to do a bit of dancing and singing along while you listen! And hey! If you’re feeling that good, maybe set a timer and do 5 minutes of light spring cleaning while you’re at it – but only if it makes you feel good! 

4. Try a new recipe

If you’re like me, you have enjoyed some warm comfort cuisine in these past few cold months. As the temperature starts rising and the days get a little bit longer, consider trying a new recipe that’s a bit lighter! Maybe there’s a salad you have been considering, or a smoothie that has interested you. I recently made a new lemon rosemary chicken dish that was quite refreshing to my palate! So next time you’re thinking about making dinner (or even ordering your meal) consider changing up your choice and opting for something that feels like spring.

5. Take a picture

If you find yourself in front of a stunning sunset or in awe of some vibrant greenery, pull out your phone and take a picture! Take one moment to capture the moment and then put your phone away and enjoy being in that moment! That way, when you stumble across your beautiful picture in the future, you can remember this lovely spring!

Spring in southern California is beautiful! Take a minute to enjoy it and remember it. Both you, and your mood, will thank you! Happy Spring!

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