The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By U Cast Studios
June 22, 2020

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What does creating a mouth-watering, not-to-be-forgotten grilled cheese sandwich and creating a successful business have in common? Quite a lot! Each requires careful thought, attention, and vision to make it all work. Reality is — it’s all about carving out the all-important NICHE!

Below are three highlights to consider:

1. What is unique about your Business? Like the sandwich, what is your special sauce? Think In-And-Out Burger, known for the special sauce and secret menu. For many service businesses, branding is primarily about the owner. What’s the owners outstanding area of expertise? Or, have you created a new service? Think Instacart: fine-tuning the grocery home delivery business. Your LOGO and visual communication are only part of the branding experience.

The branding is the entire experience: from start to finish.

2. Who is your ideal target client? Who is going to enjoy the sandwich? Seniors, Students, Foodies? Having a narrow target audience doesn’t mean others can’t use (or won’t use your business). For example, The Lazy Dog Restaurant caters to Dog Lovers. Their idea customer loves dogs and great food. Understanding your target audience guides you with the choice of words, pricing, style, what you offer. And, HOW you offer it – via ZOOM? eBay, Esty, Website, Delivery Truck, Retail Location, focusing on your best customer helps business owners stretch marketing dollars further because the communication is directed to a defined specific audience. A narrow audience for many service businesses can be a geographical location. And for other businesses, the narrow target audience can be world- wide. For example, Tee shirts with Huskies doing funny things sold to Husky Owners all over the world.

3. Finally, what does your brand stand for? What does the Chef (or mom) creating the sandwich care about? Good Service and Fair Pricing are important, yet more is needed. What your business means and cares about is an essential part of your NICHE. It’s extremely important for most consumers. For example, the Patagonia brand stands for safeguarding and appreciating our environment. Consumers care! For example, most long-standing local service businesses support near-by community organizations and non-profits — assisting youth, seniors, healthcare, Rotary, Toastmasters, and much more. It’s part of the presentation of your memorable, never forgotten sandwich. It helps create a loyal following, a brand, a NICHE.

A unique NICHE is the first step in the creation of a strong, long-lasting business. It’s worth the time to think it through. Don’t you agree?

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