Weird & Wacky News (29th Edition)

By Chris Carnicelli
December 7, 2022

Weird & Wacky News (29th Edition)
Image Courtesy Of Trend Hunter

From around the corner, down the street, and up your alley, here are some stories that are hitting the headlines… and they’re all TRUE!!

Dateline: Sussex, England

Move over, Nyquil! Can’t sleep? Pack your bags and spend a night on a luxurious double bed at the Shleep Sanctuary. An outdoor hotel where actual numbered sheep mill around a grassy hillside outside a glass dome enclosing your bed. You get a one-night stay, which includes dinner, morning yoga, and breakfast. “Counting sheep is more than an old wives’ tale,” said Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO. “It’s a tried-and-true visualization technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep.” Yeah, right. I think I saw this in a Monty Python skit once.

Dateline: Cincinnati

Do. Not. Sneeze! Joey Lykins woke up one morning and realized his nose ring was missing. He searched everywhere, but never located the small item, eventually giving up and getting another one. “I thought maybe I’d swallowed it,” he said. A few weeks later Lykins developed a violent cough and thought he was sick. An X-ray revealed his nose ring was lodged in his left lung. He underwent a bronchoscopy and got his ring back, but he won’t be wearing it again. “I kept it as a souvenir.” Smart idea, buddy!

Dateline: Singapore

Hey, Los Angeles, take note! Noise complaints were way up at Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill, a popular downtown restaurant in Singapore, so the owners implemented a “screaming children surcharge” of $10 per child. They said that before the new policy was put in place, they were receiving complaints on a weekly basis about children running amok, unattended, or disturbing other patrons. Now, parents are trying harder to control their children and 99% of patrons are respectful and understanding. Check, please!

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