Why Do You Need Data Protection Software?

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June 14, 2023

Why Do You Need Data Protection Software?
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Data protection software is a tool that businesses use to protect data from loss, compromise, or corruption. The importance of this software is rising as the amount of data that people develop, and store is growing at an unprecedented rate.

This article was written by Roberta Silverglate and originally published by California Business Journal.

Most governments and data regulators are continuously enforcing and updating data protection rules and privacy regulations. These regulations put pressure on businesses to comply with data protection laws. In that case, the data protection applications come in handy. Read on to learn more below.

Protect Your Data Before It’s Too Late

Adequate data protection is critical as the business environment comprises threat actors who may infiltrate your system and compromise your data. Generally, there are three principles of data that businesses should adhere to. These essential principles include the following:

  • Availability: Stored data should be safe and readily available for use.
  • Integrity: All stored data in a company needs to be precise, reliable, and not at risk of unjustified changes.
  • Confidentiality: Access to stored data should be done by authorized personnel only.

Your company should adhere to the above principles by using effective data protection software to protect data. Make sure to protect your data before the threat actors act.

The Risks of Data Loss and Cyber Attacks

Businesses today suffer an increased risk of data loss and cyber-attacks. Research reveals that between 2021 and 2022, about 42 million records were exposed to the public because of data breaches.

Further study shows that 77% of businesses are incredibly ill-prepared to fight against cyber-attacks. These data breaches, in most cases, lead to business losses. Thus, it would be best if you protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Another thing to note is that a data breach and data loss are different. Data loss involves unintentional or intentional data destruction by people or processes outside or inside a company. In data breaches, your data will be in the wrong hands but remains unharmed. Both data loss and breaches lead to compromised data.

The Benefits of Using Data Protection Software

Data protection is imperative today as the amount of data that businesses produce has grown considerably. One of the best strategies you can use to protect your data is data protection software. This software provides businesses with several fantastic benefits, including the following:

  • It facilitates effective data restoration: An efficient data protection application comes with incredible recovery and backup abilities. It archives and replicates your data, minimizing the chances of data loss.
  • It increases data security: Data protection applications often have incredible features, like access control authentication and encryption, that enhance data security. Enhanced data security means your system will be safe from malicious attacks, theft, and phishing email scams.
  • It enables compliance with regulatory standards: Complying with data security regulations is crucial for your business’s reputation. As such, the software you use needs to follow the present industry standards.

How to Choose the Right Data Protection Software?

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Different businesses have varying data protection requirements. Therefore, prioritize your business’s specific needs when choosing the right data protection software.

Here are factors to consider when choosing the right data protection application software for your business:

  • Evaluate your business’s vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks and note your specific data protection requirements
  • Consider the scalability of the software
  • Look into the customer support of the software provider
  • Test the software before you adopt it into your system

In Conclusion

Data protection software is incredibly useful in business operations today. It ensures that your company experiences reduced risks of data loss and system breaches. Also, it encourages efficient business operations.

Have you ever used data protection software? If yes, what has been your experience?

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