Citizens Report Food Crisis Amid Shanghai Lockdown

By U Cast Studios
April 18, 2022

Citizens Report Food Crisis Amid Shanghai Lockdown
Image Courtesy Of Krzysztof Kotkowicz On Unsplash

Citizens are growing impatient as the lockdown in China’s business capital shows no signs of ending, and there have been reports of protests and clashes with police. Residents of Shanghai have come out in the open to protest as authorities ask them to leave their homes to make way for Covid-19 patients, according to Chinese social media posts.

This article was written by Brendan Taylor and originally published by Insider Paper.

The city of 25 million people has been placed under complete lockdown, putting China’s Covid-Zero policy under scrutiny as overwhelmed authorities try to balance economic considerations with the need to combat the surge in the number of cases.

“I am not getting the vegetables I need as the minimum amount available comes for 5340 Yuan”, said the resident, who lives in downtown Shanghai.

Requesting anonymity, she added that she was looking for friends and relatives online so that all of them can come together to buy the large quantity. “I can’t purchase the entire quantity myself,” she said.

Another resident with whom this correspondent attempted to speak was too preoccupied with finding food. “I’m very busy finding food right now; if I don’t find food, I won’t have a life,” she explained, requesting anonymity.

On Friday, Shanghai, which has been under complete lockdown for weeks, reported 23,000 Covid-19 cases, part of a spike that has authorities on high alert.

Because of the sudden increase in cases in China, several cities have increased precautionary measures. This includes Xian, a popular tourist destination, which has declared a partial lockdown until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, South Korea, China’s neighbour, has decided to lift most Covid-related restrictions beginning next week, as Omicron cases begin to decline, the government announced on Saturday.

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