HOARDERS A&E TV Show Star And Professional Organizer Dorothy Breininger To The Rescue During COVID-19

By U Cast Studios
August 25, 2020

Dorothy Breininger from Hoarders

When most people think of getting organized, they imagine either the show, “Hoarders” or at the very least see an organizer working directly in someone’s home or office with the client.

Last month, DorothyTheOrganizer, mastered a “crisis move” for her client, under quarantine in Mexico. Dorothy was able to come to the rescue to assist with a COVID forced to move from their home of 29 years in West Hollywood to a condo in downtown LA that he has never lived in – remotely via FaceTime!

“Dorothy The Organizer®” is America’s Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Known to millions as the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on the Emmy-nominated TV show on A&E, “Hoarders.” Dorothy is also the best-selling author of five books, including her latest, Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff. In addition to being featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and O Magazines, Dorothy appears regularly on the Today Show, the Dr. Phil Show, the VIEW, The Doctors, QVC, and PBS. Dorothy lives with her husband in Los Angeles.

Organizing has been the #1 way for families, individuals, and businesses to gain control and confront fears during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the number of COVID cases continue to grow, DorothyTheOrganizer (America’s Most Innovative Organizer and known to millions as the fearless, yet endearing problem-solving expert on the Emmy nominated hit TV show Hoarders on A&E), is more sought after than ever. [Hoarders new Season 11 is airing now].

While many large and small companies experienced a down-turn in business due to COVID-19, DorothyTheOrganizer demonstrated how recession-proof her business and profession is.

Having survived COVID-19 in early March herself, Dorothy and her team donned mandatory masks, checked temperatures of people, and sanitized the spaces all around them. While the client nervously watched the packing of his most cherished possessions, Dorothy showcased the “Virtual Organizing” aspect of her business – in a SoCal pandemic world.

Over the course of three days, follow Dorothy and the client connected via Facetime (without him ever being in the country and in the midst of this fatal pandemic). Dorothy carried out every white glove detail during this pack, move, and staging of her clients’ entire home and life.

According to the client, “It is the 25 years of life coaching that Dorothy brings to her work that really makes me want to trust her and her life-saving services.”

In addition, Dorothy provides on-air organizing demos and extends a FREE invitation to all viewers for her upcoming web class for folks out of work due to the pandemic or are looking to change careers. www.BossOrganizer.com.

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