Flight Simulator

Why Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Is Revolutionizing Game Realism

It is PC gaming’s longest-running franchise, as well as one of its most popular. Now, more than four decades after it was first introduced, Microsoft Flight Simulator has gotten a state-of-the-art makeover. Early versions of the simulator included basic low-tech ...
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Star Wars Squardrons

New “Star Wars: Squadrons” Game Immerses Players In Intergalactic Battles

It is the type of game that many “Star Wars” fans have been waiting for. “Star Wars” ...
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Record Player

Vinyl Rules

For the first time since the 1980s, vinyl records have outsold their contemporary counterpart, CDs. This may ...
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Captain Beefheart

The Valley’s Experimental Rock Masterpiece

By Adam Papagan | October 30, 2020

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band’s “Trout Mask Replica” is widely considered by music critics to be...

Bill Ted Face The Music

Bill & Ted Face The Music

By Chris Carnicelli | October 27, 2020

It has been 29 years since Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) went to Hell, if...

Tenet Review

“Tenet” Review

By Chris Carnicelli | October 20, 2020

I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer for Tenet, I was way beyond confused,...

San Fernando Valley

Big Band Living In The Valley

By U Cast Studios | October 6, 2020

Show Business has played an undeniable role in shaping the landscape of the San Fernando Valley. Over...

Is Rock N Roll Dead

Is Rock N Roll Dead?

By U Cast Studios | September 30, 2020

Rock and Roll is a genre of music with so many branches that some people might claim...

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

By Chris Carnicelli | September 9, 2020

Yes, you have seen them before. Time-loop movies. From Groundhog Day to Happy Death Day, they have...

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