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Best Friends

Lemme Tell You About My Best Friend

Ron Brown did not hesitate to make the 8-hour drive from Tucson to Simi Valley, to just be with me. Why? Because I was feeling very down, because Stephanie, my future wife, was not on the same timeline as I ...
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Vaping Devices and Accessories

Can I Hit Your Juul?

Relaxation, minty flavors, and a head rush that makes everything around you stop in time. A quick ...
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Surfer Dudes

The Origins Of “Dank”

What is dank? Well, a lot of things are dank… really. When thinking back to some of ...
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Corona Virus Visualization

Stumbling Around While the Coronavirus Spreads

From the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the Hubei Province of the People’s Republic of China…

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